"The DAC staff has always been helpful, attentive, positive, and continues to welcome new ideas and changes to make its members feel like family. I have recommended, and would always recommend, DAC to anyone who is looking for a gym in this area."

- Matt

"What I gained most from the DAC was the group of friends who show up every day to support one another in our fitness journey. We work hard but we also love to laugh. Joining the DAC was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my health. Thank you Heidi and the DAC for helping me live a healthier life!”

- Becky

"I love the welcoming environment, the classes, and the top-quality instructors. They are always super motivating and ready to support and help! Thanks to DAC, I have made many great friends that became my second family. The club provides me with not only physical health, but it also supports my mental and social health."

- Celina

Shirley and Ann

"In 2005, I was recently retired and also widowed. A friend encouraged me to join DAC and invited me to an aerobics class. She felt it might provide structure to my day. The MWF aerobics class is still part of my routine. I have liked row, water aerobics, barre, and now using the weight machines to build muscle. Pairing up on weight training with my longtime friend, Shirley, keeps me accountable. I enjoy working to stay fit, the encouraging instructors and variety of classes offered. My favorite thing about the DAC are the friends I have made here - they make it fun!"

- Ann

"My first visit to DAC was in April 2022, when Ann invited me to join her for Monday morning Barre class. I came a few times as a guest and soon joined. I found long-time friends and acquaintances here, and have found new friends, too. One thing I really appreciate about DAC is the wide range of fitness classes, and the professional staff on-site any time I have been here. Group classes and working out with a friend make coming to the gym much more enjoyable. And knowing that friends are expecting you does add motivation."

- Shirley