Junior Programs

New Fitness Training for Quick start 2 classes and above!
New this year, we are going to add tennis specific fitness training as part of our tennis program. If you sign up for a tennis clinic(s), you will also be allowed to participate at no additional cost in a tennis specific off court program with one of our fitness trainers. More details to come!!!
Please contact Cory Sandgren at 423-7020 or Cory@decaturathleticclub.com

Your child’s first tennis experience establishes a foundation for hand-eye coordination, basic movement and athletic
skills. It’s a fun filled introduction to the great lifetime sport of tennis.

Where:  Decatur Athletic Club

⃝ Monday 6:00-6:30pm         $88 Member            $100 Non-member
⃝ Friday 11:00-11:30pm         $88 Member            $100 Non-member
⃝ Saturday 10:00-10:30am    $88 Member            $100 Non-member


A focus on introductory rallying skills and beginning stages of cooperative tennis. Students will learn how to initiate a rally, how to move and judge a ball, and racquet control.

Where:  Decatur Athletic Club

⃝ Monday   4-5 pm           $68 Member    or    $136 Non-member
⃝ Thursday 4-5 pm           $68 Member    or    $136 Non-member
⃝ Saturday 1:30-2:30pm   $68 Member    or    $136 Non-member

Students learn basic tennis tactics & athletic skills while developing social skills & group attitudes.
Students will be introduced to topspin and slice in point play as well as serves & return of serves..

Where:  Decatur Athletic Club

⃝ Tuesday 4-5:30pm           $104 Member    or    $234 Non-member
The Tuesday meets one extra time, therefore the higher cost.
⃝ Thursday 4-5:30pm          $92 Member    or    $208 Non-member
⃝ Saturday 12-1:30pm         $92 Member    or    $208 Non-member

Students will refine their technical and tactical skills. Singles and doubles concepts will be introduced. Ball control
exercises that improve consistency, direction and depth will be enhanced. Additional focus on drills that develop
decision making skills, recovery and movement. Students will experience situational and competitive play. The
development of an all court tennis player will be emphasized.
The Tuesday meets one extra time, therefore the higher cost.

⃝ Tuesday 4-5:30pm               $208 Member   or    $234 Non-member
The Tuesday meets one extra time, therefore the higher cost.
⃝ Wednesday 4-5:30pm          $184 Member   or    $208 Non-member
⃝ Saturday 10:30-12pm          $184 Member   or    $208 Non-member



This program is specially designed for Junior Varsity and Varsity team members, teaching both technique and strategy for singles & doubles play. Enhanced teaching of specialty strokes and situational practice will be emphasized. Teaching of mental strategy will be introduced.

⃝ Wednesday 4:00-5:30pm         $184 Member   of   $208 Non-member
⃝ Friday 4:00-5:30pm                  $184 Member   of   $208 Non-member
⃝ Saturday 10:30-12:00pm          $184 Member   of   $208 Non-member

This program is specially designed for the best of the best. It is by invitation only. Hard drilling and playing will be a must. Focus will be as intense as what the level of the players allows!!

⃝ Wednesday 4:00-5:30pm            $184 Member   or    $208 Non-member
⃝ Friday 4:00-5:30pm                     $184 Member   or    $208 Non-member
⃝ Saturday 10:30-12:00pm            $184 Member   or    $208 Non-member

Payment Options

All Sessions must be paid in full or charged to your house account  before your child starts their clinic.

You are obligated to finish the session once you start.

Financial Aid Available

The Decatur Community Tennis Foundation offers financial aid to dedicated junior tennis players.

Please contact Chuck Kuhle, President of the DCTF, at 217-423-7020 for a confidential discussion.  You may also e-mail him at chuck@decaturathleticclub.com