Swimming Lessons

The DAC offers lessons from 6mos. – adults all year round.  Our small classes allow for personal attention, and our warm pool eases anxiety and improves focus for our students.  We teach children to swim without floatation devices.  Your child will have the same instructor throughout the session.  Classes are 30 minutes in length and must have a minimum of 3 students to hold a class.

Call Cheri for placement 217-423-7020

Class Levels

Designed for preschool age children taking first series of swim lessons. Swimmers learn to feel comfortable in the water. Skills learned include supported floating and kicking on front and back, rhythmic breathing, and water safety skills.

The objective of level 2 is to give swimmers success with fundamental skills. Swimmers must be comfortable in the water and have completed level 1. Your child will learn to go under water, glide on front and back, and front crawl.

Swimmers must be at the age of 6 or completed the skills taught in level 2. Level 3 builds on skills by coordinating strokes and increasing endurance. Your child will learn front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke, and elementary backstroke kick.

This level develops endurance in strokes learned and introduces the breaststroke and sidestroke. Swimmers must have completed level 3 or equivalent skills.

Work on refining coordination and increasing endurance of key strokes. Your child will learn to breaststroke 10 yards, sidestroke 10 yards, butterfly kick, and build other strokes. Swimmers must have completed level 4 or have equivalent skills.

Private and Semi Private Swimming Lessons

The DAC offers private and semi-private lessons for more individualized instruction.  Times are coordinated between instructor and student.  Classes are 30 or 45 minutes long.

ISR   Self- Rescue Technique

Infant swimming resource that goes beyond traditional swimming instruction.  This class is designed to help children survive should they reach the water alone.   Individualized instruction for infants – 6 years, teaching competence and confidence in the water.


to register, call Cheri 217-423-7020